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Danul has been working in music for the last 15 years in jobs as varied as Guitar magazine gear reviewer to high school music teacher, live sound engineer to studio producer.


He has worked on recordings for many artists/bands as a producer/engineer, a multi-instrumentalist session musician and co-songwriter. After working at the Sonic Factory Studios for several years, Danul now produces independently. Having taught music lessons since high school, Danul also owns and runs ‘Both Worlds School of Music’ in Burwood NSW.


As a performing musician, Danul has lent his playing and voice to many acts and artists over the years. Danul toured the country with Aria Award winning X Factor winner Altiyan Childs as musical director/ guitarist and accompanied Altiyan on many promo appearances including the X Factor TV show. In addition to accompanying many solo artists and original bands, Danul has performed with ‘Frankie 4 all Seasons’, ‘The Greenday Show’ and ‘Kickstar’ and currently plays with rock cover band ‘Replika’ and acoustic duo ‘Hand Picked’. 


A devout Springsteen fan, ‘Glory Days’ is the latest project for Danul as he brings his knowledge and passion to the role of legendary E-Street Band guitarist ‘Steve Van Zandt’. 

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